The Perfect Formula

Tuscan tan has a unique ability to adapt to individual skin tones in order to mimic a natural sun tan. Tuscan tans use a unique bronzer formula known as Violet-Tone Complex® to deepen the natural colour of even the lightest skin tones, while also enhancing darker tones. This way, every Tuscan spray tan application instantly produces an authentic tan.

Why We Tan With Tuscan

The Tuscan Spray Tan solutions are formulated using a unique violet based bronzer; traditionally, spray tan solutions use an orange/yellow based bronzer, resulting in artificial and unnatural skin colours. The Violet- Tone Complex® formula instantly dries and creates a natural looking tan; without the unnatural tones associated with traditional spray tans.

Any level of darkness possible
Fades evenly and gradually
Lasts for up to 10 days
No yellow or orange undertones
Dries Instantly
Works with any skin colour or type
professional tanning system
Tanning Treatment:Price:
8 Hour Original Spray Solution$45.00
The Tuscan Tan Original Spray Tan takes 8 hours to process, or, it can be left on overnight. Once developed, this tan lasts 7-10 days before evenly fading. The Original 8hr Tan enhances the darker skin tones individually, while deepening the colour of lighter shades, effectively produce a natural looking sun tan.
2 Hour Rapid Tan Solution$45.00
The ideal solution for people who are on the go. The 2hr Rapid Tan possess the same characteristics as the 8hr Solution. However, thanks to its rapid development enhancers, it is capable of developing in under 2 hours and also lasts between 7 to 10 days before it begins to gradually and evenly disappear.
Add: Extra Dark Spray Tan Solution$10.00
An innovative Blue Berry infused peel that delivers anti-aging results. The formulation reduces redness and rejuvenates skin using a unique blend of antioxidants, combined with Globularia stem cells and peptides.
Tuscan Tan Spray Tan Package:$350.00
A Course of 10 Tuscan Tan Spray Tans